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gene_id species strand chr type
MA00G24650 mac + chrUn_random coding
MA06G29580 mac + chr6 coding
MA03G19550 mac - chr3 coding
MA02G06080 mac - chr2 coding
OL09G00990 olu - Chr_9 coding
OL02G04450 olu - Chr_2 coding
OL12G02540 olu - Chr_12 coding
OL02G04460 olu - Chr_2 coding
OL05G00060 olu + Chr_5 coding
OL02G04890 olu - Chr_2 coding
OSINDICA_01G50210 osaindica - Chr01 coding
OSINDICA_12G08730 osaindica - Chr12 coding
OSINDICA_05G40270 osaindica + Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_00G02120 osaindica + Scaffold015232 coding
OSINDICA_12G06750 osaindica + Chr12 coding
OSINDICA_11G27110 osaindica + Chr11 coding
OSINDICA_02G51850 osaindica - Chr02 coding
OSINDICA_11G10670 osaindica - Chr11 coding
OSINDICA_08G01860 osaindica + Chr08 coding
OSINDICA_00G01500 osaindica - Scaffold024566 coding

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