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gene_id species strand chr type
CR09G09460 cre - chromosome_9 coding
CR10G09010 cre - chromosome_10 coding
CR07G01050 cre + chromosome_7 coding
CR03G05150 cre - chromosome_3 coding
CR09G10330 cre + chromosome_9 coding
CR03G05240 cre + chromosome_3 coding
CR06G03520 cre - chromosome_6 coding
CR05G02220 cre - chromosome_5 coding
CR09G04230 cre + chromosome_9 coding
CR10G01650 cre - chromosome_10 coding
CR16G05850 cre + chromosome_16 coding
CR16G08980 cre + chromosome_16 coding
CR02G12370 cre - chromosome_2 coding
CR04G00930 cre + chromosome_4 coding
CR16G03220 cre + chromosome_16 coding
CR12G11630 cre - chromosome_12 coding
CR12G11640 cre + chromosome_12 coding
CR11G02680 cre + chromosome_11 coding
HV1558472G00010 hvu + contig_1558472 coding
HV212778G00010 hvu + contig_212778 coding

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