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gene_id species strand chr type
CP00001G02390 cpa + supercontig_1 coding
CP00046G01110 cpa - supercontig_46 coding
CP00017G01720 cpa - supercontig_17 coding
CP00025G00770 cpa + supercontig_25 coding
CP00084G00710 cpa - supercontig_84 coding
CP00182G00100 cpa + supercontig_182 coding
CP00074G00160 cpa + supercontig_74 coding
CP00142G00460 cpa + supercontig_142 coding
CP01552G00010 cpa + supercontig_1552 coding
CP00010G01010 cpa + supercontig_10 coding
CP00044G01310 cpa - supercontig_44 coding
CP00114G00160 cpa + supercontig_114 coding
CP00089G00370 cpa + supercontig_89 coding
CP00006G00940 cpa + supercontig_6 coding
CP00055G00600 cpa + supercontig_55 coding
CP00006G00240 cpa + supercontig_6 coding
CP00083G00760 cpa - supercontig_83 coding
CP01192G00010 cpa + supercontig_1192 coding
CP42286G00010 cpa - contig_42286 coding
CP00117G00890 cpa - supercontig_117 coding

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