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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00160G00450 ppa - scaffold_160 coding
PP00243G00260 ppa + scaffold_243 coding
PP00028G01980 ppa - scaffold_28 coding
PP00031G01400 ppa + scaffold_31 coding
PP00079G00100 ppa + scaffold_79 coding
PT05G07470 ptr - Chr05 coding
PT07G09380 ptr + Chr07 coding
PT06G05910 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT16G04900 ptr - Chr16 coding
PT04G15390 ptr - Chr04 coding
PT09G11550 ptr - Chr09 coding
SB01G009760 sbi + chr_1 coding
SB04G006490 sbi - chr_4 coding
SB07G022030 sbi + chr_7 coding
SB02G012660 sbi - chr_2 coding
SI001G05330 sit + scaffold_1 coding
SI006G16760 sit + scaffold_6 coding
SI004G22030 sit - scaffold_4 coding
SI001G20410 sit - scaffold_1 coding
SI001G20450 sit + scaffold_1 coding

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