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gene_id species strand chr type
PT01G19950 ptr + Chr01 coding
SB03G025330 sbi - chr_3 coding
SB05G022090 sbi + chr_5 coding
SB06G027170 sbi - chr_6 coding
SB06G027130 sbi + chr_6 coding
SB06G027150 sbi - chr_6 coding
SI007G22670 sit - scaffold_7 coding
SI007G22660 sit - scaffold_7 coding
SI007G22630 sit + scaffold_7 coding
SI007G22640 sit + scaffold_7 coding
SI007G22620 sit + scaffold_7 coding
SI001G29250 sit + scaffold_1 coding
SI008G15830 sit - scaffold_8 coding
SI005G20280 sit - scaffold_5 coding
SI007G15530 sit + scaffold_7 coding
SL01G090220 sly - ch01 coding
SL03G121310 sly - ch03 coding
SL08G005150 sly + ch08 coding
SL11G045010 sly - ch11 coding
VV09G03530 vvi - chr9 coding

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