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gene_id species strand chr type
SI009G43110 sit + scaffold_9 coding
SI007G06560 sit - scaffold_7 coding
SI004G14670 sit + scaffold_4 coding
SL12G062510 sly + ch12 coding
SL06G062780 sly + ch06 coding
SL12G044920 sly + ch12 coding
SL02G086800 sly + ch02 coding
SL11G017170 sly + ch11 coding
SL11G017190 sly + ch11 coding
SL01G011100 sly + ch01 coding
SL05G006640 sly - ch05 coding
SL01G011090 sly + ch01 coding
SL04G006940 sly - ch04 coding
SL03G121810 sly + ch03 coding
SL02G069420 sly + ch02 coding
SL02G069430 sly + ch02 coding
SL01G096930 sly + ch01 coding
SL05G010120 sly + ch05 coding
SL10G074940 sly + ch10 coding
VV00G06030 vvi + chrUn coding

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