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gene_id species strand chr type
OS01G71280 osa + 1 coding
PP00114G01130 ppa + scaffold_114 coding
PP00304G00240 ppa - scaffold_304 coding
PP00099G00230 ppa - scaffold_99 coding
PP00323G00050 ppa + scaffold_323 coding
PP00139G00070 ppa + scaffold_139 coding
PP06035G00010 ppa + scaffold_6035 coding
PT13G09090 ptr - Chr13 coding
PT06G04690 ptr - Chr06 coding
PT01G02080 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT17G07090 ptr + Chr17 coding
PT03G20380 ptr + Chr03 coding
PT16G04340 ptr - Chr16 coding
SB03G045390 sbi + chr_3 coding
SB03G037280 sbi - chr_3 coding
SB03G047310 sbi - chr_3 coding
SB02G006800 sbi - chr_2 coding
SB09G024310 sbi + chr_9 coding
SI005G48030 sit - scaffold_5 coding
SI005G45950 sit + scaffold_5 coding

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