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gene_id species strand chr type
PT16G12410 ptr + Chr16 coding
PT01G41540 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT06G02150 ptr - Chr06 coding
PT07G05590 ptr - Chr07 coding
PT06G09480 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT06G10370 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT16G01900 ptr - Chr16 coding
PT15G07960 ptr - Chr15 coding
PT15G03370 ptr + Chr15 coding
PT08G03280 ptr - Chr08 coding
PT09G12420 ptr + Chr09 coding
PT04G16250 ptr + Chr04 coding
PT03G10420 ptr - Chr03 coding
PT13G01100 ptr + Chr13 coding
PT04G06260 ptr + Chr04 coding
PT05G08260 ptr + Chr05 coding
PT07G08520 ptr + Chr07 coding
SB08G001530 sbi - chr_8 coding
SB09G024890 sbi + chr_9 coding
SB01G002830 sbi - chr_1 coding

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