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gene_id species strand chr type
SB05G000370 sbi - chr_5 coding
SB05G000380 sbi - chr_5 coding
SB04G008680 sbi + chr_4 coding
SB02G021490 sbi - chr_2 coding
SB02G021480 sbi - chr_2 coding
SB10G004370 sbi - chr_10 coding
SB10G004360 sbi - chr_10 coding
SB01G013520 sbi - chr_1 coding
SI002G03430 sit + scaffold_2 coding
SI007G01720 sit + scaffold_7 coding
SI002G17740 sit + scaffold_2 coding
SI001G29970 sit - scaffold_1 coding
SI004G06340 sit + scaffold_4 coding
SI008G10240 sit + scaffold_8 coding
SI005G32310 sit - scaffold_5 coding
SI005G32320 sit - scaffold_5 coding
SI005G32330 sit - scaffold_5 coding
SI009G16020 sit + scaffold_9 coding
SI003G42020 sit + scaffold_3 coding
SI007G19600 sit + scaffold_7 coding

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