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gene_id species strand chr type
BD3G34720 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD3G34707 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD3G34727 bdi - Bd3 coding
BD1G58580 bdi + Bd1 coding
CP00007G02590 cpa + supercontig_7 coding
CP00522G00040 cpa - supercontig_522 coding
CP00246G00030 cpa - supercontig_246 coding
CP24654G00040 cpa - contig_24654 coding
CP24654G00050 cpa - contig_24654 coding
CP00090G00210 cpa + supercontig_90 coding
CP00022G00070 cpa - supercontig_22 coding
CP00077G01030 cpa + supercontig_77 coding
CP00125G00080 cpa - supercontig_125 coding
CP00125G00070 cpa - supercontig_125 coding
CR02G00180 cre + chromosome_2 coding
CR02G00190 cre + chromosome_2 coding
CR12G02150 cre + chromosome_12 coding
CR08G02450 cre + chromosome_8 coding
CR08G02440 cre - chromosome_8 coding
CR06G07580 cre - chromosome_6 coding

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