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gene_id species strand chr type
OL17G00840 olu + Chr_17 coding
OL16G01430 olu + Chr_16 coding
OL14G03120 olu + Chr_14 coding
OL06G03740 olu + Chr_6 coding
OL04G00280 olu + Chr_4 coding
OL03G03660 olu - Chr_3 coding
OL01G01520 olu - Chr_1 coding
OL16G01650 olu + Chr_16 coding
OL17G00440 olu + Chr_17 coding
OL14G00300 olu + Chr_14 coding
OSINDICA_05G30970 osaindica - Chr05 coding
OSINDICA_10G26210 osaindica + Chr10 coding
OSINDICA_06G21260 osaindica - Chr06 coding
OSINDICA_07G10920 osaindica + Chr07 coding
OSINDICA_09G25810 osaindica + Chr09 coding
OSINDICA_08G08740 osaindica - Chr08 coding
OSINDICA_01G55010 osaindica - Chr01 coding
OSINDICA_01G62920 osaindica + Chr01 coding
OSINDICA_06G37200 osaindica - Chr06 coding
OSINDICA_03G24890 osaindica - Chr03 coding

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