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gene_id species strand chr type
PP00018G00550 ppa - scaffold_18 coding
PP00222G00360 ppa - scaffold_222 coding
PP00110G00100 ppa - scaffold_110 coding
PP00008G00290 ppa + scaffold_8 coding
PP00144G00280 ppa + scaffold_144 coding
PP00044G01630 ppa + scaffold_44 coding
PP00013G01230 ppa + scaffold_13 coding
PT05G22900 ptr + Chr05 coding
PT01G36550 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT01G36400 ptr - Chr01 coding
PT08G00670 ptr + Chr08 coding
PT06G09030 ptr + Chr06 coding
PT05G12080 ptr - Chr05 coding
PT05G09970 ptr + Chr05 coding
PT05G04520 ptr + Chr05 coding
PT15G07050 ptr - Chr15 coding
PT04G03940 ptr - Chr04 coding
PT15G09860 ptr + Chr15 coding
PT13G10950 ptr - Chr13 coding
PT01G27180 ptr - Chr01 coding

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