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gene_id species strand chr type
OS01G61400 osa - 1 coding
PP00391G00250 ppa - scaffold_391 coding
PP00001G00290 ppa + scaffold_1 coding
PP00038G00360 ppa + scaffold_38 coding
PP00326G00210 ppa + scaffold_326 coding
PP00143G00710 ppa + scaffold_143 coding
PP00188G00520 ppa + scaffold_188 coding
PT01G14450 ptr + Chr01 coding
PT04G01690 ptr - Chr04 coding
PT03G08970 ptr - Chr03 coding
SB03G007140 sbi - chr_3 coding
SB03G038740 sbi - chr_3 coding
SI005G09130 sit + scaffold_5 coding
SI005G37580 sit - scaffold_5 coding
SL02G080440 sly + ch02 coding
SL00G074830 sly - ch00 coding
SL08G007010 sly - ch08 coding
SL03G031700 sly - ch03 coding
VV03G02070 vvi - chr3 coding
VV02G02470 vvi + chr2 coding

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