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gene_id species strand chr type
MA05G14140 mac + chr5 coding
MA04G13570 mac + chr4 coding
MA08G10440 mac + chr8 coding
MA07G07530 mac - chr7 coding
MA10G04990 mac + chr10 coding
MA07G19330 mac + chr7 coding
MA06G26180 mac - chr6 coding
MA08G34590 mac + chr8 coding
MA00G12670 mac - chrUn_random coding
MA05G15450 mac + chr5 coding
MA11G05750 mac - chr11 coding
MA00G01010 mac + chrUn_random coding
MA06G12270 mac + chr6 coding
MA06G21670 mac + chr6 coding
MA10G09840 mac - chr10 coding
MA05G19900 mac - chr5 coding
MA11G21390 mac - chr11 coding
MA04G06460 mac + chr4 coding
MA10G32090 mac + chr10 coding
OL06G01780 olu + Chr_6 coding

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