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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OSINDICA_00G00120 osaindica - Scaffold019070 No
OSINDICA_00G00470 osaindica - Scaffold020379 No
OSINDICA_00G00910 osaindica - Scaffold022459 No
OSINDICA_00G08180 osaindica + Scaffold014837 No
OSINDICA_00G08650 osaindica + Scaffold012949 No
OSINDICA_00G08820 osaindica + Scaffold012944 No
OSINDICA_00G13470 osaindica + Scaffold013600 No
OSINDICA_00G16550 osaindica - Scaffold013284 No
OSINDICA_00G18530 osaindica + Scaffold012859 No
OSINDICA_00G18970 osaindica - Scaffold015476 No
OSINDICA_00G23120 osaindica + Scaffold016572 No
OSINDICA_00G27580 osaindica + Scaffold016037 No
OSINDICA_00G28950 osaindica + Scaffold009489 No
OSINDICA_00G32480 osaindica + Scaffold018037 No
OSINDICA_00G32540 osaindica + Scaffold023317 No
OSINDICA_00G32590 osaindica - Scaffold018531 No
OSINDICA_00G33670 osaindica - Scaffold019170 No
OSINDICA_00G35630 osaindica - Scaffold026911 No
OSINDICA_00G35890 osaindica - Scaffold015982 No
OSINDICA_00G37550 osaindica - Scaffold014151 No

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