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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OS04G45490 osa - 4 No
OSINDICA_03G34240 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_03G34250 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_03G34260 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_04G37650 osaindica - Chr04 No
PP00020G00430 ppa - scaffold_20 No
PP00073G00820 ppa + scaffold_73 No
PP00100G00150 ppa - scaffold_100 No
PP00266G00300 ppa - scaffold_266 No
PP00352G00020 ppa - scaffold_352 No
PP08276G00010 ppa + scaffold_8276 No
PP11268G00010 ppa + scaffold_11268 No
PP11731G00010 ppa + scaffold_11731 No
PT01G12360 ptr + Chr01 No
PT03G10990 ptr - Chr03 No
PT03G11350 ptr - Chr03 No
SB01G001500 sbi + chr_1 No
SB06G023840 sbi - chr_6 No
SI004G15260 sit - scaffold_4 No
SI007G18960 sit - scaffold_7 No

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