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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OS03G57660 osa + 3 No
OSINDICA_01G50790 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G50800 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G50990 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_03G55010 osaindica + Chr03 No
PP00005G01030 ppa + scaffold_5 Yes
PP00184G00200 ppa - scaffold_184 No
PP00387G00010 ppa - scaffold_387 No
PT06G15330 ptr - Chr06 No
PT06G19840 ptr - Chr06 No
PT16G06430 ptr - Chr16 No
SB01G005710 sbi - chr_1 No
SB03G034150 sbi - chr_3 No
SB03G034260 sbi + chr_3 No
SI005G31910 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G31920 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G32130 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI009G06000 sit - scaffold_9 No
SL11G045240 sly - ch11 No
SL11G045250 sly - ch11 No

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