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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP00004G00030 cpa + supercontig_4 No
CP00015G00490 cpa - supercontig_15 Yes
CP00045G00470 cpa + supercontig_45 No
CP00045G00480 cpa + supercontig_45 No
CP00083G00120 cpa + supercontig_83 No
CP00083G00130 cpa + supercontig_83 No
CP00083G00180 cpa + supercontig_83 No
CP00134G00060 cpa + supercontig_134 Yes
CP00134G00120 cpa + supercontig_134 No
CP00156G00010 cpa - supercontig_156 No
CP00169G00060 cpa - supercontig_169 No
CP00267G00010 cpa + supercontig_267 No
CP00267G00020 cpa + supercontig_267 No
CP00267G00030 cpa + supercontig_267 No
CP00333G00050 cpa - supercontig_333 No
CP00333G00060 cpa - supercontig_333 No
CP00333G00070 cpa - supercontig_333 No
CP00333G00080 cpa - supercontig_333 No
CP00333G00090 cpa - supercontig_333 No
CP00368G00010 cpa + supercontig_368 No

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