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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PT10G05980 ptr - Chr10 No
PT10G05990 ptr - Chr10 No
PT10G06010 ptr - Chr10 No
PT10G06020 ptr - Chr10 No
PT10G06030 ptr - Chr10 No
PT18G00250 ptr - Chr18 No
SB01G032890 sbi - chr_1 No
SB01G032910 sbi - chr_1 No
SB03G036980 sbi + chr_3 No
SB06G027950 sbi - chr_6 No
SI005G35380 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI007G23750 sit - scaffold_7 No
SI009G38220 sit - scaffold_9 No
SI009G38230 sit - scaffold_9 No
SL04G081900 sly + ch04 No
SL05G005460 sly + ch05 No
SL05G005470 sly + ch05 No
VV01G11270 vvi - chr1 No
VV01G11280 vvi - chr1 No
VV01G11330 vvi - chr1 No

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