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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PP00412G00180 ppa - scaffold_412 No
PT02G17980 ptr + Chr02 No
PT08G04620 ptr + Chr08 No
PT10G21520 ptr - Chr10 No
PT12G00590 ptr + Chr12 No
PT14G10600 ptr + Chr14 No
PT15G00230 ptr + Chr15 No
SB01G038820 sbi + chr_1 No
SB02G030870 sbi - chr_2 No
SB05G003660 sbi + chr_5 No
SB06G014570 sbi + chr_6 No
SI002G29250 sit - scaffold_2 No
SI002G45360 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI008G03960 sit + scaffold_8 No
SI009G45880 sit + scaffold_9 No
SL03G081240 sly - ch03 No
SL03G081270 sly - ch03 No
SL04G049670 sly - ch04 No
SL04G049680 sly - ch04 No
SL10G005030 sly + ch10 No

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