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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OSINDICA_09G31010 osaindica + Chr09 No
PP00028G00850 ppa - scaffold_28 No
PP00084G00610 ppa + scaffold_84 No
PP00104G00040 ppa - scaffold_104 No
PP00136G00500 ppa + scaffold_136 No
PP00206G00580 ppa + scaffold_206 No
PT01G38150 ptr - Chr01 No
PT04G08110 ptr - Chr04 No
PT08G08210 ptr + Chr08 No
PT10G17390 ptr - Chr10 No
PT11G08210 ptr - Chr11 No
PT17G13930 ptr + Chr17 No
SB02G032770 sbi + chr_2 No
SB02G032780 sbi + chr_2 No
SB04G004910 sbi - chr_4 No
SB09G026420 sbi - chr_9 No
SB10G026560 sbi + chr_10 No
SI001G07260 sit + scaffold_1 No
SI002G31520 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G31540 sit + scaffold_2 No

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