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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OS08G01080 osa + 8 No
OSINDICA_02G40250 osaindica - Chr02 No
OSINDICA_04G33830 osaindica - Chr04 No
OSINDICA_04G36350 osaindica - Chr04 No
OSINDICA_04G49840 osaindica - Chr04 No
OSINDICA_05G21360 osaindica - Chr05 No
PP00095G00580 ppa + scaffold_95 No
PP00311G00350 ppa + scaffold_311 No
PP00396G00030 ppa + scaffold_396 No
PT07G13270 ptr - Chr07 No
PT08G14510 ptr + Chr08 No
PT10G09700 ptr - Chr10 No
PT14G17380 ptr - Chr14 No
PT14G19730 ptr + Chr14 No
PT17G02330 ptr + Chr17 No
SB06G021360 sbi - chr_6 No
SB06G022910 sbi - chr_6 No
SB06G032595 sbi - chr_6 No
SB07G000210 sbi + chr_7 No
SI001G25350 sit - scaffold_1 No

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