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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SB01G044985 sbi + chr_1 Yes
SB02G038620 sbi - chr_2 No
SB10G008970 sbi - chr_10 No
SI002G39020 sit - scaffold_2 No
SI003G37280 sit - scaffold_3 No
SI009G37520 sit + scaffold_9 No
SI009G50690 sit + scaffold_9 No
SL01G058740 sly + ch01 Yes
SL01G059740 sly - ch01 No
SL01G059780 sly - ch01 Yes
SL02G030600 sly + ch02 No
SL02G030610 sly + ch02 No
SL02G030620 sly + ch02 No
SL02G030630 sly + ch02 No
SL02G030640 sly + ch02 Yes
SL02G030650 sly + ch02 No
SL02G032140 sly + ch02 No
SL02G032670 sly - ch02 No
SL02G032680 sly - ch02 No
SL02G032690 sly - ch02 No

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