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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SB06G015110 sbi + chr_6 No
SB07G023010 sbi + chr_7 No
SI001G34450 sit - scaffold_1 No
SI002G23640 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G23650 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G23660 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G23670 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G23680 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI003G01120 sit + scaffold_3 No
SI004G19510 sit - scaffold_4 No
SI004G28760 sit - scaffold_4 No
SI004G28770 sit + scaffold_4 No
SI005G30150 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI006G18070 sit + scaffold_6 No
SI006G18080 sit + scaffold_6 No
SI006G18090 sit + scaffold_6 No
SI007G08820 sit + scaffold_7 No
SI008G18330 sit + scaffold_8 No
SL02G066950 sly + ch02 No
SL03G095710 sly - ch03 No

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