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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PP00007G00790 ppa + scaffold_7 No
PP00013G01760 ppa - scaffold_13 No
PP00100G00890 ppa - scaffold_100 No
PP00148G00210 ppa - scaffold_148 No
PP00223G00330 ppa - scaffold_223 No
PP00342G00130 ppa + scaffold_342 No
PP00526G00060 ppa + scaffold_526 No
PT02G01430 ptr - Chr02 No
PT02G12630 ptr + Chr02 No
PT10G09290 ptr - Chr10 No
PT14G02940 ptr + Chr14 No
PT17G09320 ptr - Chr17 No
SB02G023250 sbi + chr_2 No
SB02G023790 sbi - chr_2 No
SB02G026610 sbi + chr_2 No
SB02G026620 sbi + chr_2 No
SB02G026625 sbi + chr_2 No
SB03G032830 sbi + chr_3 No
SB04G034140 sbi - chr_4 No
SB04G034150 sbi + chr_4 No

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