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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OS09G12600 osa - 9 No
OSINDICA_01G07170 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G13110 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G13130 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_05G06440 osaindica + Chr05 No
OSINDICA_05G15060 osaindica + Chr05 No
OSINDICA_07G26610 osaindica - Chr07 No
OSINDICA_07G26670 osaindica - Chr07 No
OSINDICA_07G26700 osaindica - Chr07 No
OSINDICA_08G07460 osaindica + Chr08 No
OSINDICA_08G23810 osaindica + Chr08 No
OSINDICA_08G23820 osaindica + Chr08 No
OSINDICA_09G09630 osaindica - Chr09 No
PP00001G01330 ppa - scaffold_1 No
PP00009G00570 ppa + scaffold_9 No
PP00018G01590 ppa - scaffold_18 No
PP00070G00720 ppa - scaffold_70 No
PP00143G00910 ppa + scaffold_143 No
PP00190G00280 ppa + scaffold_190 No
PP00241G00070 ppa - scaffold_241 No

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