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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PP00095G00210 ppa + scaffold_95 Yes
PP00143G00770 ppa + scaffold_143 No
PP00144G00830 ppa + scaffold_144 No
PP00169G00810 ppa + scaffold_169 No
PP00177G00300 ppa + scaffold_177 No
PP00204G00550 ppa + scaffold_204 No
PP00311G00170 ppa - scaffold_311 No
PP00395G00220 ppa + scaffold_395 No
PP00395G00230 ppa + scaffold_395 No
PT01G11720 ptr - Chr01 No
PT03G11550 ptr + Chr03 No
PT04G13290 ptr + Chr04 No
PT05G02780 ptr + Chr05 No
PT05G02790 ptr + Chr05 No
PT08G14830 ptr + Chr08 No
PT08G21730 ptr - Chr08 No
PT08G21770 ptr - Chr08 No
PT08G22410 ptr + Chr08 No
PT10G02380 ptr - Chr10 No
PT10G09320 ptr - Chr10 No

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