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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OSINDICA_03G04790 osaindica - Chr03 No
OSINDICA_03G04810 osaindica - Chr03 No
OSINDICA_04G09130 osaindica - Chr04 No
OSINDICA_04G09170 osaindica + Chr04 No
OSINDICA_05G20280 osaindica + Chr05 Yes
OSINDICA_06G19550 osaindica + Chr06 No
OSINDICA_06G19560 osaindica + Chr06 No
OSINDICA_06G19580 osaindica - Chr06 No
OSINDICA_08G43790 osaindica + Chr08 No
OSINDICA_08G43800 osaindica + Chr08 No
OSINDICA_10G21300 osaindica + Chr10 No
OSINDICA_10G21320 osaindica - Chr10 No
OSINDICA_10G21330 osaindica - Chr10 No
PP00032G00390 ppa + scaffold_32 No
PP00032G00410 ppa + scaffold_32 No
PP00053G00190 ppa + scaffold_53 No
PP00076G00440 ppa + scaffold_76 No
PP00197G00770 ppa + scaffold_197 No
PP00302G00320 ppa + scaffold_302 No
PP00426G00040 ppa + scaffold_426 No

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