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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SB05G023700 sbi - chr_5 No
SB05G023710 sbi - chr_5 No
SB05G027380 sbi - chr_5 No
SI002G05650 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G05660 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G10560 sit - scaffold_2 No
SI005G25850 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G28300 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G28590 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G39920 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G39930 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G39950 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G39960 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI008G09280 sit + scaffold_8 No
SI008G11940 sit + scaffold_8 No
SI008G13840 sit - scaffold_8 No
SI008G13850 sit + scaffold_8 No
SI008G18240 sit + scaffold_8 No
SI008G24730 sit - scaffold_8 No
SI008G24980 sit - scaffold_8 No

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