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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SB01G050530 sbi + chr_1 No
SB02G004650 sbi - chr_2 No
SB02G004660 sbi + chr_2 No
SB02G009360 sbi - chr_2 No
SB02G009370 sbi - chr_2 No
SB02G009380 sbi - chr_2 No
SB02G009390 sbi - chr_2 No
SB03G030100 sbi + chr_3 No
SB03G031710 sbi + chr_3 No
SB03G040560 sbi + chr_3 No
SB03G040570 sbi - chr_3 No
SB03G040580 sbi + chr_3 No
SB03G040590 sbi + chr_3 No
SB03G040600 sbi + chr_3 No
SB05G008530 sbi - chr_5 No
SB05G008550 sbi + chr_5 No
SB05G023650 sbi - chr_5 No
SB05G023660 sbi + chr_5 No
SB05G023680 sbi - chr_5 No
SB05G023690 sbi + chr_5 No

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