Index of genes with 1 constraints:

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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SB05G009440 sbi + chr_5 No
SB06G001210 sbi - chr_6 No
SB07G023640 sbi - chr_7 No
SB08G005370 sbi - chr_8 No
SB08G016500 sbi + chr_8 No
SB08G020340 sbi + chr_8 No
SI002G11690 sit - scaffold_2 No
SI003G36230 sit - scaffold_3 No
SI005G01600 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G04420 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G04430 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G04440 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G04980 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G25000 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G31390 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI007G01630 sit - scaffold_7 No
SI007G28680 sit + scaffold_7 No
SI008G10090 sit + scaffold_8 No
SI008G16670 sit + scaffold_8 No
SI008G20920 sit - scaffold_8 No

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