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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OSINDICA_03G05740 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_04G02660 osaindica - Chr04 No
OSINDICA_05G40200 osaindica - Chr05 No
OSINDICA_07G19560 osaindica - Chr07 No
OSINDICA_11G08170 osaindica - Chr11 No
OSINDICA_11G08190 osaindica + Chr11 No
OSINDICA_11G13650 osaindica + Chr11 No
OSINDICA_12G07510 osaindica - Chr12 No
OSINDICA_12G22150 osaindica + Chr12 No
OSINDICA_12G22190 osaindica + Chr12 No
PP00011G00030 ppa + scaffold_11 No
PP00022G01650 ppa + scaffold_22 No
PP00033G00120 ppa - scaffold_33 No
PP00037G00550 ppa - scaffold_37 No
PP00139G00580 ppa - scaffold_139 No
PP00204G00670 ppa - scaffold_204 No
PP00312G00350 ppa - scaffold_312 No
PT02G20740 ptr - Chr02 No
PT02G25420 ptr - Chr02 No
PT05G11180 ptr - Chr05 No

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