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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP00623G00020 cpa + supercontig_623 Yes
CP00623G00030 cpa + supercontig_623 No
CP00681G00010 cpa + supercontig_681 No
CP00681G00020 cpa + supercontig_681 No
CP00681G00030 cpa + supercontig_681 No
CP47618G00010 cpa - contig_47618 No
PT00G04110 ptr + scaffold_170 No
PT00G04120 ptr + scaffold_170 No
PT00G04130 ptr + scaffold_170 No
PT00G04140 ptr + scaffold_170 No
PT00G04150 ptr + scaffold_170 No
PT00G15980 ptr + scaffold_1214 No
PT01G22950 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G22990 ptr + Chr01 No
PT04G17240 ptr - Chr04 No
PT12G03840 ptr - Chr12 No
PT12G14010 ptr - Chr12 No
PT15G03050 ptr - Chr15 Yes
PT15G13960 ptr + Chr15 No
PT16G04420 ptr + Chr16 No

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