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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PP00136G00730 ppa + scaffold_136 No
PP00156G00490 ppa + scaffold_156 No
PP00175G00180 ppa - scaffold_175 No
PP00177G00150 ppa - scaffold_177 No
PP00210G00240 ppa - scaffold_210 No
PT01G08120 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G19750 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G34910 ptr - Chr01 No
PT03G04330 ptr + Chr03 No
PT03G04590 ptr - Chr03 No
PT03G14920 ptr - Chr03 No
PT06G10920 ptr - Chr06 No
PT07G13820 ptr + Chr07 No
PT08G01440 ptr - Chr08 No
PT08G01460 ptr - Chr08 No
PT08G11120 ptr + Chr08 No
PT08G19140 ptr + Chr08 No
PT10G03990 ptr - Chr10 No
PT10G13270 ptr + Chr10 No
PT10G24610 ptr - Chr10 No

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