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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP01552G00010 cpa + supercontig_1552 No
CP34798G00010 cpa - contig_34798 No
CP42286G00010 cpa - contig_42286 No
CR07G01050 cre + chromosome_7 No
CR12G11630 cre - chromosome_12 No
CR12G11640 cre + chromosome_12 No
CR16G03220 cre + chromosome_16 No
HV1558938G00010 hvu - contig_1558938 No
HV1564334G00010 hvu + contig_1564334 No
HV1579083G00010 hvu - contig_1579083 No
HV1580498G00010 hvu + contig_1580498 No
HV2548063G00010 hvu - contig_2548063 No
HV368469G00010 hvu + contig_368469 No
HV38553G00010 hvu + contig_38553 No
HV40375G00010 hvu + contig_40375 No
HV411503G00010 hvu - contig_411503 No
HV47552G00010 hvu + contig_47552 No
HV84950G00020 hvu - contig_84950 No
HV92359G00010 hvu - contig_92359 No
MA00G14490 mac + chrUn_random No

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