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gene_id species strand chr outlier
PP00147G00530 ppa - scaffold_147 No
PP00147G00660 ppa + scaffold_147 No
PP00147G00680 ppa + scaffold_147 No
PP00163G00020 ppa - scaffold_163 No
PP00237G00440 ppa + scaffold_237 No
PP00271G00070 ppa - scaffold_271 No
PP00642G00020 ppa - scaffold_642 No
PT01G17710 ptr + Chr01 No
PT01G27200 ptr + Chr01 No
PT02G01000 ptr + Chr02 No
PT02G08000 ptr - Chr02 No
PT02G12150 ptr + Chr02 No
PT03G05820 ptr + Chr03 No
PT04G20490 ptr - Chr04 No
PT05G10000 ptr - Chr05 No
PT05G18140 ptr + Chr05 No
PT05G25140 ptr - Chr05 No
PT06G03520 ptr - Chr06 No
PT06G24720 ptr - Chr06 No
PT08G00850 ptr - Chr08 No

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