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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OSINDICA_01G16980 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_02G37940 osaindica + Chr02 No
OSINDICA_02G37960 osaindica + Chr02 No
OSINDICA_02G38120 osaindica - Chr02 No
OSINDICA_02G38130 osaindica - Chr02 No
OSINDICA_03G09530 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_03G09540 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_03G39320 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_03G39350 osaindica + Chr03 No
OSINDICA_04G39770 osaindica - Chr04 No
OSINDICA_05G37060 osaindica + Chr05 No
OSINDICA_06G00800 osaindica + Chr06 Yes
OSINDICA_06G46540 osaindica - Chr06 No
OSINDICA_12G21280 osaindica - Chr12 No
OSINDICA_12G27220 osaindica + Chr12 No
PP00068G00940 ppa + scaffold_68 No
PP00069G00280 ppa + scaffold_69 No
PP00084G00010 ppa - scaffold_84 No
PP00084G00140 ppa + scaffold_84 No
PP00089G00550 ppa + scaffold_89 No

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