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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP00021G01340 cpa + supercontig_21 No
CP00032G00670 cpa - supercontig_32 No
CP00032G00680 cpa - supercontig_32 No
CP00032G00690 cpa - supercontig_32 Yes
CP00035G00660 cpa - supercontig_35 No
CP00035G00670 cpa + supercontig_35 Yes
CP00055G01860 cpa - supercontig_55 No
CP00064G01290 cpa + supercontig_64 No
CP00091G00150 cpa - supercontig_91 No
CP00092G00730 cpa - supercontig_92 No
CP00106G01140 cpa - supercontig_106 Yes
CP00535G00030 cpa + supercontig_535 No
CR03G12650 cre + chromosome_3 No
CR06G11100 cre - chromosome_6 No
CR08G03470 cre + chromosome_8 No
CR10G10600 cre + chromosome_10 No
HV107654G00010 hvu - contig_107654 No
HV138122G00020 hvu - contig_138122 No
HV139934G00010 hvu + contig_139934 No
HV144564G00010 hvu + contig_144564 No

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