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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP01525G00020 cpa + supercontig_1525 No
CP01525G00030 cpa + supercontig_1525 Yes
CR07G02810 cre - chromosome_7 No
CR10G02070 cre - chromosome_10 No
CR11G01030 cre + chromosome_11 Yes
CR17G07860 cre - chromosome_17 No
HV134873G00010 hvu - contig_134873 No
HV135501G00010 hvu + contig_135501 No
HV1558444G00010 hvu + contig_1558444 No
HV1559549G00010 hvu - contig_1559549 No
HV1560385G00010 hvu - contig_1560385 No
HV1566883G00010 hvu + contig_1566883 No
HV159944G00010 hvu - contig_159944 No
HV244330G00010 hvu - contig_244330 No
HV2588313G00010 hvu - contig_2588313 Yes
HV274212G00020 hvu - contig_274212 No
HV322624G00010 hvu - contig_322624 Yes
HV36993G00010 hvu - contig_36993 No
HV38251G00010 hvu + contig_38251 No
HV39067G00010 hvu + contig_39067 No

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