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gene_id species strand chr outlier
CP00081G01210 cpa + supercontig_81 No
CP00091G00570 cpa + supercontig_91 No
CP00091G00580 cpa + supercontig_91 No
CP00097G00240 cpa + supercontig_97 No
CP00097G00250 cpa + supercontig_97 No
CP00099G00390 cpa + supercontig_99 No
CP00130G00640 cpa + supercontig_130 No
CP00133G00120 cpa - supercontig_133 No
CP00133G00180 cpa - supercontig_133 No
CP00133G00240 cpa - supercontig_133 No
CP00136G00710 cpa - supercontig_136 No
CP00189G00340 cpa + supercontig_189 Yes
CP00189G00350 cpa + supercontig_189 No
CP00189G00360 cpa + supercontig_189 No
CP00189G00370 cpa + supercontig_189 No
CP00628G00020 cpa - supercontig_628 No
CP00628G00030 cpa - supercontig_628 Yes
CP00628G00040 cpa - supercontig_628 No
CP01243G00010 cpa + supercontig_1243 No
CP01525G00010 cpa + supercontig_1525 No

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