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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SI005G28950 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G28970 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G29010 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G29030 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G29040 sit + scaffold_5 No
SI005G30860 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G34050 sit - scaffold_5 Yes
SI005G43500 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI005G48250 sit - scaffold_5 No
SI006G05890 sit - scaffold_6 No
SI006G05900 sit - scaffold_6 No
SI006G25500 sit + scaffold_6 No
SI007G03190 sit + scaffold_7 No
SI007G09520 sit - scaffold_7 Yes
SI007G12850 sit - scaffold_7 No
SI007G14620 sit + scaffold_7 No
SI007G26620 sit - scaffold_7 No
SI009G08640 sit - scaffold_9 No
SI009G42810 sit - scaffold_9 No
SI009G46280 sit + scaffold_9 No

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