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gene_id species strand chr outlier
SI001G00080 sit + scaffold_1 Yes
SI001G22560 sit - scaffold_1 No
SI001G25310 sit - scaffold_1 No
SI001G34600 sit - scaffold_1 No
SI001G34960 sit + scaffold_1 No
SI001G38460 sit + scaffold_1 No
SI002G04380 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G04390 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G08610 sit - scaffold_2 Yes
SI002G09230 sit - scaffold_2 No
SI002G13720 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI002G22260 sit - scaffold_2 No
SI002G23180 sit - scaffold_2 No
SI002G23190 sit + scaffold_2 No
SI003G02710 sit - scaffold_3 No
SI003G03030 sit + scaffold_3 Yes
SI003G03790 sit - scaffold_3 No
SI003G03810 sit + scaffold_3 No
SI003G04920 sit - scaffold_3 Yes
SI003G04950 sit - scaffold_3 No

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