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gene_id species strand chr outlier
OSINDICA_00G07520 osaindica - Scaffold026052 No
OSINDICA_00G10370 osaindica + Scaffold012137 No
OSINDICA_00G14790 osaindica + Scaffold015760 No
OSINDICA_00G29560 osaindica - Scaffold027255 No
OSINDICA_00G37920 osaindica + Scaffold010294 No
OSINDICA_01G07620 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G08490 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G10230 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G21760 osaindica - Chr01 Yes
OSINDICA_01G21800 osaindica - Chr01 Yes
OSINDICA_01G24010 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G24130 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G26200 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G52190 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G58280 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G62710 osaindica + Chr01 No
OSINDICA_01G67280 osaindica - Chr01 No
OSINDICA_02G16870 osaindica + Chr02 Yes
OSINDICA_02G20760 osaindica + Chr02 Yes
OSINDICA_02G40180 osaindica - Chr02 No

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