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Species colored phylogenetic tree with associated protein domains.
The stripped multiple sequence alignment used to infer the phylogenetic tree is only 141 amino acids long


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Multiple Sequence Alignment information

Stripped length

Outlier/stripped gene information

Gene id Status Cause
PT19G01470 removed partial
PT00G08730 removed partial
VV14G14740 removed partial
OS02G02090 removed partial
ZM06G07670 removed partial
MA01G16720 removed partial
ZM02G27010 removed partial
MA03G12910 removed partial
MA01G19310 removed partial
MA01G17060 removed partial
VV13G12590 removed partial
ZM09G25110 removed partial
VV18G10690 removed partial
HV73720G00010 removed partial
OSINDICA_02G01160 removed partial
HV137980G00010 removed partial
MA01G16730 removed partial
CP41760G00010 removed partial
PP00031G01720 removed partial
CP00007G01470 removed outlier
CP00031G00850 removed outlier
CP00091G00380 removed outlier
CP00091G00400 removed outlier
CP01573G00010 removed outlier
CP29395G00010 removed outlier
MA02G03500 removed outlier
OL09G00720 removed outlier
PP00414G00080 removed outlier
PT02G19430 removed outlier
PT14G11070 removed outlier
SB02G020750 removed outlier
VV07G00120 removed outlier
ZM01G07120 removed outlier
ZM01G32420 removed outlier
ZM02G46370 removed outlier
ZM04G37760 removed outlier
ZM07G31330 removed outlier