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Number of BLAST hits
4 genes are similar to AL1G39680
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Gene ID Organism Gene Family Evalue Bitscore Alignment Length Identity Percentage
AL1G39680 Arabidopsis lyrata HOM03D004800 ORTHO03D324499 6e-35 119 57 100.00
AT5G43680 Arabidopsis thaliana HOM03D004800 ORTHO03D006587 6e-08 51.2 30 90.00
CRU_008G04870 Capsella rubella HOM03D004800 ORTHO03D006587 7e-08 51.2 30 90.00
AL8G06360 Arabidopsis lyrata HOM03D004800 ORTHO03D006587 4e-07 49.3 30 86.67