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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
CS00559G00070 csi
CS00021G01030 csi
CS00006G01680 csi
CS00030G00020 csi
CS00010G00930 csi
CS00029G00960 csi
CS00002G04440 csi
CS00017G00100 csi
CS00022G00350 csi
CS00661G00070 csi
CS00142G00180 csi
CS00029G00710 csi
CS00002G05520 csi
CS00450G00080 csi
CS07813G00010 csi
CS00204G00260 csi
EG0002G12400 egr
EG0007G12350 egr
EG0006G26980 egr
EG0001G25320 egr

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