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MapMan term parent-child relationships are used in this table.

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gene_id species mapman
CR01G06800 cre
CRU_004G21370 cru
CRU_004G20300 cru
CRU_003G31150 cru
CRU_001G18680 cru
CRU_005G14360 cru
CRU_007G28400 cru
CRU_003G28920 cru
CRU_004G02430 cru
CRU_001G26420 cru
CRU_003G24350 cru
CRU_003G24500 cru
CRU_006G30890 cru
CRU_001G40420 cru
CRU_004G00220 cru
CRU_002G21320 cru
CRU_007G00620 cru
CRU_007G01050 cru
CRU_002G18000 cru
CS00007G01450 csi

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