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gene_id species strand chr type
CS00023G00270 csi + scaffold00023 coding
EG0008G19300 egr + scaffold_8 coding
FV0G20710 fve + scf0513160 coding
FV2G17920 fve + LG2 coding
GM01G23830 gma + Gm01 coding
GM13G32690 gma + Gm13 coding
GM15G06630 gma - Gm15 coding
GM08G37050 gma + Gm08 coding
GR03G03550 gra + Chr03 coding
GR08G04260 gra - Chr08 coding
GR11G10890 gra + Chr11 coding
LJ6G027490 lja + chr6 coding
MD00G096340 mdo + MDC004102.352 coding
MD00G096330 mdo + MDC004102.352 coding
MD00G512290 mdo - MDC035840.4 coding
MD00G512280 mdo - MDC035840.4 coding
MD10G007000 mdo + 10 coding
MD00G060140 mdo + MDC002494.117 coding
ME02969G00180 mes + scaffold02969 coding
ME07444G00160 mes + scaffold07444 coding

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