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gene_id species strand chr type
CRU_006G06090 cru + scaffold_6 coding
CRU_001G13430 cru - scaffold_1 coding
CRU_007G10790 cru - scaffold_7 coding
CRU_004G25240 cru + scaffold_4 coding
CRU_005G25020 cru + scaffold_5 coding
CRU_007G26220 cru - scaffold_7 coding
CRU_007G17320 cru - scaffold_7 coding
CRU_005G14670 cru + scaffold_5 coding
CRU_005G14550 cru + scaffold_5 coding
CS00062G00400 csi - scaffold00062 coding
CS00270G00290 csi + scaffold00270 coding
CS00003G05820 csi + scaffold00003 coding
CS00002G05240 csi + scaffold00002 coding
CS00027G00670 csi + scaffold00027 coding
CS01147G00040 csi - scaffold01147 coding
CS00127G00070 csi - scaffold00127 coding
CS00040G00140 csi - scaffold00040 coding
CS00037G00190 csi - scaffold00037 coding
CS00001G04970 csi - scaffold00001 coding
CS00009G03050 csi - scaffold00009 coding

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