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gene_id species strand chr type
FV2G38970 fve + LG2 coding
FV5G25650 fve + LG5 coding
FV2G17920 fve + LG2 coding
FV3G06380 fve + LG3 coding
FV7G25100 fve + LG7 coding
FV6G13570 fve - LG6 coding
GM05G16380 gma + Gm05 coding
GM15G07570 gma - Gm15 coding
GM13G31720 gma + Gm13 coding
GM10G43910 gma - Gm10 coding
GM01G23830 gma + Gm01 coding
GM17G20241 gma + Gm17 coding
GM06G03120 gma - Gm06 coding
GM13G32690 gma + Gm13 coding
GM17G29480 gma - Gm17 coding
GM08G26010 gma + Gm08 coding
GM14G07670 gma - Gm14 coding
GM15G06630 gma - Gm15 coding
GM17G37380 gma + Gm17 coding
GM17G37300 gma + Gm17 coding

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